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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The taste of "Luck"

Constellation: Corona Autralis (the Southern Crown)
Mood: Pissed

It should have been Corona Borealis since the World Cup is in the Northern Hemisphere, and the hosts were playing to win.

But they lost against the Italians, who, to be frank, played better but they arrived to the finals in an absolutely unconvincing, if not to say fluky way. They won after the first round against Australia (which has a very weak history in the World Cup) and then Ukraine (first participation). How lucky can they be?

That is not to mention their penalty taken at the 93rd minute against Australia which was anything but credible.

So yeah, I was pissed at them. To my eyes, they were one of the least impressive teams during this world cup, and here they are, making it to the finals. Still, well done Italy.

Germany might have lost. But the next meeting is in 2010 in the Southern Hemisphere, in South Africa.
Might Corona Australis be with them at that time.



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