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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Magic of Openers

Constellation: The Cure's Disintegration
Mood: Tired

I love some of The Cure's tracks. Lovesong and A Forest are pure genius. Though I never bought any of their albums. I am not a big fan of the gothic style and the band's looks and videos are not something I like to see.
Though after having read so many positive reviews on Disintegration, I finally succumbed and bought the album earlier this week.
I never expected a sound like that. I have to say I am under the charm of this album!
And it's all about Track 1. Plainsong. The title doesn't say much. But the song does. There's something magical about this track. Very mystical-like. Especially when the echo-dreamlike voice kicks in. Fits my galactic themes.
You know if you're heading for a good album if the opening song is good. And for me, if I stop and listen to it continuously without burning it, I'd feel satisfied. That has happened with Depeche Mode's World in My Eyes, the opener of Violator. Til now, I hear it every week and I don't feel tired from it. And it remains my favorite DM track.
So now I have to check the rest of this album, and let Plainsong enjoy some rest.



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