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Saturday, December 06, 2008

If I Walk to Berlin...

Place: Berlin
Mood: Less-than-cold
Song: Winter * Tori Amos

Berlin is such an amazing city. Screw the cold, screw the wind, just go. I'm always amazed at how easy and practical this city is, and how cheap it is compared to other cities like Paris or Barcelona.

So screw these, and go to Berlin, if you have the chance.

Now with the cold, it would be a more memorable experience, but I am told it is equally as beautiful all dressed in green in the summer instead of white.

My visits to Berlin are always so short, but here's hoping that the next one will be much, much longer. Here are some photos that document my latest visit. I would like to thank my dear friends Martin, Rami, Nathan, and Oskar in Berlin for being the fantastic persons that they are and being so generous with me.

Beirut, from the airplane...

... And inside the cockpit where my uncle (left) was wonderful enough to let me watch the take off from Beirut and the landing in Paris

How to enjoy your German Würstchen: Step one: Eat it with your eyes...

Step two: Launch the scathing attack!

Step three: Refresh with some hot chocolate or Glühwein!

A giraffe in the coldness of Potsdamerplatz.
That's not a dream, just the imagination of Lego!

I don't think I look any better than the giraffe. My eyes are torn out, my nose is icy and my lips are electrified. I wish I were made out of Lego too!

Nathan and Rami can't believe that they would be finally eating (yeah that and I would have a massage in this restaurant!)

The ladies are practicing the My-Love Game, that was created especially for them by Oskar and myself

Did I mention that we eat a lot in Berlin? Well, that was the American Brunch. Sausages, fruits, cheese, yogurt, jam, vegetables, toasted bread, orange juice and a gazillion other things!!! Long live walking!

Choose your dessert: a dreamy raspberry cheesecake or...

... an equally delicious forêt noire?

And speaking of sweets, this is the Brandenburg Tower... in chocolate!

Presenting the award for the silliest photo of 2008, and maybe of the century

At Alexanderplatz. Because what I needed at the moment was a fresh vibe from Beirut...

With one of the famous street bears of Berlin

Last Spring, it was there. Now it, well, disappeared.

Finally some gifts to you from Viktor and Rolf. And yes, she does that all day long. And the tourists love her!

As to the music that goes with the Berlin trip, here's what I bought and listened to there:

01. Adieu Tristesse (by Arthur H.) – from the album Adieu Tristesse [2003]

Adieu, Adieu
Adieu, adieu tristesse
Adieu les larmes, adieu la nuit

So I finally bought Adieu Tristesse. And I love it. And the title says it all: Goodbye Sadness. What a great way to trash sadness out and smile again in beautiful Berlin!

02. J'ai Deux Amours (by Madeleine Peyroux) – from the album Careless Love [2004]

J'ai deux amours

Mon pays et Paris
Par eux toujours
Mon cœur est ravi

We'll just have to replace Paris by Berlin, and this wonderful song will make perfect sense!

03. Winter – live (by Tori Amos) – Disc one - from the album Live in Montreux [2008]

When you gonna make up your mind
Cause things are gonna change so fast
All the white horses have gone ahead
I tell you that I'll always want you near
You say that things change
My dear

I finally rediscovered Winter. And I forgot how beautiful this song was thanks to this very early rendition. Of course, it was not agonizing like the 11 minutes that it has reached lately. Just passionate, and perfect for cold Berlin!

4. True Love Waits – live (by Radiohead) – from the album I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings [2001]

Just don't leave

Don't leave

I'm not living

I'm just killing time

And so I have to leave... Only to come back again :)

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