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Friday, August 08, 2008

Welcome to Volcanic Iceland

Place: Iceland
Mood: Enchanted
Song: Gling Gló * Bjork

Gling gló, klukkan sló
Máninn ofar skyum hló
Lysti upp gamli gótuslód
Thar gladleg Lína stód

Mysterious. Distant. Atypical.

It's Iceland.
Maybe a dream. Maybe a nightmare. Maybe a thought.

I went there with nothing on my mind. Just images. Photos in my mind. And the thought of a pure relaxing moment to live between lifeless volcanoes, solidified lava, erupting geysers, colossal mountains and abundant waterfalls.

The thought of losing your mind in the stillness of Nature.
The thought of letting your mind get lost in the stillness of Nature.
The thought of allowing your thoughts to twirl in your head within the stillness of Nature.

I went there with nothing on my mind.
And came back with more than what I thought I would need to refresh it.

The fact that this could easily have been my most enlightening trip is not only due to the magic of the scenery there, but also to the two persons who made me discover their country in their own eyes. For that you will be eternally thanked.

I don't think I can talk much about this dream-trip. I will let photos unveil it for you to judge.

Welcome to Volcanic Iceland!

A wall in downtown Reykjavik

At the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier

At the town of Vík, the most Southern land in Iceland

Full relaxation at the Blue Lagoon

This photo has been taken at 11:00 PM

Leaving Terra... To return to you

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Anonymous Andromede said...

your blog is a little peace of heaven. I love the Iceland pics and all the details...

3:04 PM, August 11, 2008  
Blogger mayaroun said...

i'm sooooo jealous... i sit here, alone, watching the olympics going on in bejing, looking at pictures of you in iceland, staring at my empty luggage i bought a month ago and haven't used... very envious bought proud that you are my friend... love you!

8:12 PM, August 13, 2008  
Blogger mayaroun said...

sorry... i havent bought you proudness.... lol... i am very envious BUT proud that you are my friend!

8:26 PM, August 13, 2008  

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