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Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Vehemently Heinous"

Place: Dark Matter
Mood: Angry
Song: Enjoy the Silence * Depeche Mode

Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm
from Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

I know it's not very healthy to have my first post of 2009 as angry, but I find writing to be very healing. I dedicate Vehemently Heinous to every possible cunt who tried to make my 2008 miserable. Well, first, these so-called humans are less numerous than the number of fingers you have in a single hand. And second, needless to inform you that you failed lamentably.

But anyway, let me tell you something, if you're not up to what you write, don't write it, you'd only make a fool of yourself. Otherwise, and as the song says, Enjoy the Silence!

Vehemently Heinous

Among other things you said
Would you sound any sweeter
If I were Dead

I heard you chanting your antinational anthem
Next to your fire of words
That you have just fed

But I was told it was too cluttered
And as the electrified flames sputtered
It chopped your body to shreds

I never knew you were so good at missiles
But when you shoot in another direction
Only you would morph blood-red

You might want to think it over
Before your bury yourself
In your own bed

Time is between us
And, who knows,
You might always be ahead

But in case you still think you’re Cupid
Just take those damn oranges with you
And wander instead

Because those who claim intelligence
Are still unwelcome
Even in the realm of the Dead

According the the scientific David Darling encyclopedia,, Dark Matter is:
"matter that can't be detected directly, but whose existence can be inferred on the basis of how objects we can see move."
And I firmly believe that Dark Matter is not only found in space, but in some vile humans too.

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