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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Absolutely Flawless

Some of my favorite people that made my Spring look as lovely as Spring should be, and my Summer as smoking hot as it ought to be...
(Photos are in chronological order, the first taken in early May and the final in late July 2009). 

Introducing this photo album not with a person, but with a place, the setting of Mon Oncle by the one and only Jacques Tati. Everything is reconstructed carefully to take you back to the universe of the hilarious Mr. Hulot.

And with Chadi before heading to frenzy Cannes!

In Cannes, while some are watching films, others are simply enjoying the sun!

And when you get out of an 11:30 PM screening, your faces would look exactly like that!

Introducing Zeina, Queen of the Reddi Carbat (as they say on Nile Sat for the Cairo film festival). Except we're not on Nile Sat, and this is a real red carpet!

Who said all my favorite people should be tangible? After having organized a retrospective for Michelangelo Antonioni and screened 5 films in which starred the sublime Monica Vitti in April in Beirut, here I am reunited with the Goddess in Cannes, one month later.

With Emile, I can't remember if we ate the infamous crepes in this photo or not, but we sure were enjoying our last moments in Cannes in 2009.

Back to Beirut, with Rami and Nathan, between a dish and a dessert, at Il Siciliano.  While the food was good, the memories are better. Photo credit: Rami's camera

And from Beirut to the North, in this Kazdoura ilal Koura with office mates Sarra and Roy. Oh how good does it feel to be OUTSIDE the office and to nag about it!

Onto Yuri and Pauline's wedding where the night was saucy! An LAU rated photo with former mates and friends Wafa', Nadine, Chadi, Joyce, Mira, Souraya, Petra and Suzy before dancing the night away.

Ex-wife and I. Alright don't be fooled by the looks, we are NOT back together!  

This photo doesn't need any tags. It could as well be Mira all alone for all I know! <3>!

And the Active Ant (Al Namle al Nachita) on one of its numerous Summer activities, here rafting in Southern Lebanon with my teammate Zeina. But let's not talk about the team shall we?

Dj'ing for the Tori Night at Walimat. With the wonderous Rania and Mounir, Body and Soul!

And to end this in sheer beauty, with one of my favorite creatures. I secretly wish to be able to have her brain for one day! 



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