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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's Shoot Stars!

Place: Comet Swift-Tuttle
Mood: Stargazing 
Song: The Stars * Patrick Wolf

"And all the Unseen came into sight
The pull, the scales, the dark, the light
Mama, Papa, voila! The night!"
From The Stars by Patrick Wolf

And to accompany a magical night, here's a magical setlist with the songs I have been enjoying lately.

01. The Stars (by Patrick Wolf) - from the album The Magic Position [2007]

Mama, I saw the stars tonight
Orion, the plow, the burning bright
Cannot recall where I drove
An empty lane, the lonely road

So to kick off this journey, what's better than Patrick Wolf's own journey towards the stars? I love this little song. It's dreamy and takes you straight to the Kingdom of the Stars. Each one has a special star, why don't you check if yours is waving at you tonight?

02. New Age (by Tori Amos) - from the album Strange Little Girls [2001]

Had a funny call today
Someone died, someone's married (...)
And something's got a hold on me
It's the beginning of a new age
Oh you little sick little fucks, yes
It's the beginning of a new age

And through the distinct sounds of the Wurlitzer, Tori (or Tori's character anyway, the Librarian pictured here) launches this cover of Velvet Underground's live version of New Age, which opens her cover album Strange Little Girls. It's the song that pushed me to write this entry. How can you have a wedding and a funeral during the same day. And how many people are born, how many die, how many give birth, how man get married, how many divorce in one day. Is that Karma? Is that the true balance of life?

03. If You Want a Rainbow, You Must Have the Rain (by Annette Hanshaw) - from the Sita Sings the Blues OST [2008]

Take your share of trouble
Face it and don't complain
If you want a rainbow
You must have the rain

And speaking of Karma, here comes this exquisite animation film by Nina Paley who brings the voice of late 1920's jazz starlet Annette Hanshaw to recreate the story of Sita, wife of Rama, in this Indian tale. I have never heard this song prior to watching the film, and I must say it's everything I could think of at the moment. Without rain, no rainbows. So if I truly wanted the rainbow that's about to change my life, I know I have to get rid of all the rain that has been pouring on me.

04. The Time Is Now (by Moloko) - from the album Things to Make and Do [2000]

Tempted by Fear, and I won't hesitate
The Time is now, and I can't wait
Give up yourself onto the moment
Let's make this moment... Last

Whatever this moment is. As long as it's enjoyable, let's make it last. I truly enjoy this song by Moloko. Now I still like Roisin Murphy's solo career, but I think Moloko had a distinct sound. And this album, while less electronic and more organic than its predecessor, is still a beautiful treat to the ear. Murphy challenges her voice all through. So wether it was the phone call I received, the wedding I was enjoying, or the meteor shower, I wished the moment lasted longer. And hence I advise anyone to enjoy the true moments while they last. 

05. Feelin' Love (by Paula Cole) - from the City of Angels OST [1998]

What would I place with your hot conscious
Oh baby babe babe babe
I will be your death the moon light
Take your time
You make me feel love

Last thing I would expect from the passage of a comet, from a dozen shooting stars, from wishmaking, is to discover love. Or rediscover love. Or feel love. Or feel loved. Normally I am not into this type of songs, but this has to be the sexiest sassiest hot and steamy lovesong ever. Is it the sensuality of Paula's voice, is it the direct horniness of the lyrics, is it the oh-so-awesome steadiness of the drums? I don't know. But this song WORKS. And to this amazing person, among the numerous ones, who has been making feel love and loved lately, bless you wherever you are :)

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