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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Return of the King

Constellation: Cepheus
Mood: Nonexistent
Father Son * Peter Gabriel

On the 27th of April, my father entered the emergency room. After a serious headache, he fell early in the morning.
After a very nervous time, we learn that he had a brain hemorrhage which caused a serious damage to his left side organs, mostly his hand, foot and eye.
The reason for this: stress, apparently. Father never suffered from any other sickness before.
We had to spend a month at the hospital before moving to a physiotherapy center. And this weekend, he got out. He is able to walk, talk and move his hand freely, though he needs special care.

During nights, I would sleep at the hospital to watch after him, and would feel awkward. I never imagined my father to be in such a state. I felt everything was collapsing and the whole situations changing.

I always hear about people claiming the importance of the Mother in a family. I thought instantly while watching my father sleep that a Father is just as important, if not more.

A Peter Gabriel song that has appeared on the OVO soundtrack that he produced for the millennium has the following lyrics:
Can you recall how you took me to school
We couldn't talk much at all
It's been so many years
And now these tears
Guess I'm still your child

I thought I'd introduce the King Cepheus, father of the chained Andromeda, and husband of queen Cassiopea. Andromeda has been saved by Perseus from a sea monster (represented by the Whale constellation), which was terrorizing the African coasts, domain of King Cepheus.

The Greek gods have immortalized this tale by sending its protagonists and antagonists to the Northern Hemisphere, making them one of the earliest known constellations.

All in all, you never know what could hit you. What fate has reserved for you. How your tomorrow will look like.

And basically you never know the importance of your father until you think you are losing him.



Anonymous Susana said...

Hey there.
I am sorry to hear about what happened to your dad and I hope he'll get better and better with time. It is terrifying to watch someone we love looking sick and lay in a hospital bed.
I saw you on Msn and I am also sorry I didn't sent a pm but I don't know if you're busy; also I've been sleeping terribly lately. I took a nap after my boyfriend left for work this morning but when I woke up I realized I had (once again!) slept over my right eye. Makes me feel dizzy and moody for a few hours. Grr.
I am also writing this message to show you a link to a book that I saw in a bookstore here. So I searched the same on amazon. Maybe you already have this book among others :)

Hope to talk to you soon.

12:45 PM, June 25, 2007  
Blogger roubish said...

Dear Susana, thank you for your wishes.
As to the sleeping thing, well ... you are living in a 12-degree environment... So no wonder you can't go out.
When you live in constantly (if not rising) 35-degree-place, naps gets fuzzy. Hah

That's a very nice if not essential book. Unfortunately, I don't have it. If I make a list of the star guides that I need to buy ... *faints* ;)

11:02 AM, June 27, 2007  

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