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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Parlez-vous Français?

Constellation: Crux (The Cross)
Mood: Busy bee / tired
Song: Si J'avais du Talent * Solam

Wooo. Busy as hell in here. Sorry for the lack of updates in here (I know some people are pissed at me!)

Anyway, we are hosting the Francophone Film Week in our movie theater. And because it is organized by the Lebanese Cultural Ministry, it means that we have to do everything by ourselves. The bastards there are engaged in the ‘make the least effort possible’ policy.
So of course we are working overload.

Since my boss is on a business trip, we had to take care of everything. It’s nice when you are in charge of everything, though tiring.

We are a very small team of young people who took the event into hands, since my boss left. But I am the one who’s most acquainted with the places, so you know how things turn out to be.

It's very interesting to run a festival. From acquiring the copies, to the tests, the press, meet and greet the people, the debates after the screenings, to the less interesting aspects, make sure someone is on the ticket booth, the projectionist is there, the tests for the films are done, the theater and the space is clean …

The films all come from countries who speak French: Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Canada, Tchad, Senegal, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and France (naturally). We had some interesting choices, though some suck.

On Friday, we had a Swiss evening. First there was a film, followed by a concert for the Swiss duo Solam, and a reception with good Swiss wine at the end.
I had to present the evening and introduce the ambassador of Switzerland. You can't imagine how stressed I was. The outcome was perfect, that's because we worked our ass off to have everything done correctly.

Though most of the time you don't have the time to be stressed. Each day there is a problem that you have to solve instantly. That's when you learn most to work fast and intelligently.

On a side note, I have chosen the constellation Crux since it goes well with the Swiss flag. It is a very bright constellation in the Southern hemisphere, though it is the smallest among the 88 constellations. It has some very luminous stars among which Acrux (which stands for Alpha Cruxis), one of the 15 brightest stars.

The festival is not over yet. But I will take the opportunity to thank my wonderful teammates Maral and Sarra without whom we couldn't have done the amazing work we did, the projectionists Rami and Marwan as well as the staff from the theater for all their help.

The show must go on!



Blogger manuch said...

Yeahhh!!! finally an entry. I'm glad, this sounds very entertaining.

Which movies do you recommend? You all seem to have very good relations with all European, we don´t get all of these movies here. Well maybe. I don´t know.

So what’s next? I’m waiting for ADP leaks.!

9:00 PM, March 28, 2007  
Blogger roubish said...

Hehe my Manuch! Yes finally an entry.
This festival is so tiring.

There are some good movies. I should tell you about some.

And I am excited about ADP. Though I don't know which concert I should go to! Maybe Bucharest or Istanbul...

10:30 PM, March 28, 2007  
Blogger manuch said...

*dances in graveyards
With vampire till dawn*

awwwwwww so lucky, I bet both venues will rock!!!

10:31 PM, March 30, 2007  

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