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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Edge of Heaven...

Visual: Spiral Galaxy NGC 1365 (Fornax Constellation)
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Songs: Dunya / Hala Ask Var mi * Redd

From the director of Head-On

The Edge of Heaven
a film by Fatih Akin

2007, 122', color, 35mm
German / Turkish /English with English subtitles

Cannes '07 Best Screenplay Award

April 30 - May 11, 2008 @ 8:00 PM - Metropolis Cinema
Ticket Prize: 5.000 L.L.

Nejat seems disapproving about his widower father Ali's choice of prostitute Yeter for a live-in girlfriend, but he grows fond of her when he discovers she sends money home to Turkey for her daughter's university studies. Yeter's sudden death distances father and son. Nejat travels to Istanbul to search for Yeter's daughter Ayten. Political activist Ayten has fled the Turkish police and is already in Germany. She is befriended by a young woman, Lotte, who invites rebellious Ayten to stay in her home, a gesture not particularly ple
asing to her conservative mother Susanne. When Ayten is arrested and her asylum plea is denied, she is deported and imprisoned in Turkey. Lotte travels to Turkey, where she gets caught up in the seemingly hopeless situation of freeing Ayten.

The Sonic Edge of Heaven

With this film release, I am introducing these two addictive Turkish songs by the group REDD. My friend Sylvain has sent them to me and they easily made it to my Itunes' most listened to tracks.

Both are very different songs with different feels, yet I can't decide which I like better. Alongside a third Turkish song, Biraz Ozgurluk by Hande Yener, this is my Turkish song trilogy.

Listen to them and tell me if the music conveys you to the Edge of Heaven!

The Visual Edge of Heaven

Presenting the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1365 which lies around 200,000 light-years, 60 million light-years toward the Fornax constellation. Most impressionable things about it - save its structure:
- Intense star formation in regions around the ends of the bar and along the spiral arms
- A supermassive black hole in the center.

Is this another aspect of the Edge of Heaven?



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