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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Am I a Terrorist? Are you a Terrorist?

Constellation: Lepus (The Hare)
Mood: Mixing reason with emotion

In May, I went to Poland to meet my excellent friend Aleksandra, whom I love dearly. We’ve been pen-friends for more than 7 years now, so it was time for us to finally meet and get to know each other. The trip to Polska was absolutely amazing in each and every possible way, so to discuss it, I need to write a book. Anyway, another issue raised itself last week. A couple of weeks ago, a terrorist plot on a British plane was foiled and that has shaken the course of airline traffic. More security is now scrutinizing every passenger, especially Arabs. Last week, there was an attempt by two young students to place a bomb in a German railway station. Apparently one of the two is a Lebanese Sunni who was mad at the Israelis because his brother was killed in the July War on Lebanon. So anyway, that’s the historical aspect of the story.

After both plots were unveiled to public, security measure became very tight, even in Poland. The Polish police knocks at Aleksandra's house (where I spent the week). Her mother who answered was all shaken because they were not asking for a house member, but who is Rabih El-Khoury and if he is (I am) still in Poland.

How do you want me to handle this? Am I on every black list now?
So anyway, one can laugh at the beginning, but gets serious doubts as to the future course of things. Bravo Polish intelligentsia for tracking my file 3 months after I have left Poland. It shows someone is doing his job correctly. But to what extend?

I heard from a friend that Arabs everywhere are humiliated in airports because of this.
Is it my fault to have been born in this area of the world? And should every Arab be viewed as a terrorist, even if he was NOT Muslim?

I don't want to raise sectarian issues here, but mind you, not all Arabs are Sunnis and Shiites, there are Christians too who don't give a fuck on what Jihad is.

As for the Hare (Lepus), well, it symbolizes in this post the automatic flee-bound of presumed terrorists right after placing their horrendous gadgets on track.

Lepus, a January constellation, under shiny Orion and Taurus.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well this is such a strange world,as I can feel you're a sweet person,but for most of the people you should be a terrorist.Your post made me thought,because sometimes it's so easy to put a label on,but we must remember to hold on our humanity,and not to judge so easily.Forgive me,If I said that the Arabs are terrorists(not here,but I said this thing,without any doubt).Your blog is an open door,is clear and deep,so thank you,for letting me enter in your beautiful mind.

5:14 PM, September 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, weird story. But some muslim arabs feel the same way you do. Islam is being portrayed as a terrorist entity, which is a complete fallacy. Unfortunately, it is very hard to convey the real picture with gigantic western media showing its own side of the story.

1:26 AM, December 23, 2006  

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