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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

When Spica meets the Wheat

Constellation: Virgo
Mood: Delighted

Virgo is apparently my astrological sign. And although I don't believe in this whole drama, I kind of have an affiliation with this constellation. Its main Star, Spica (L'épi in French, in reference to the spike of wheat in the Greek mythology) is among the 20 most luminous Stars in the night sky.
But I discovered a new friendship with this Star.

We opened a new movie theater yesterday, which screens not the Hollywood Blockbuster films, but independent and critically acclaimed ones, from the four corners of the globe.
My boss, a couple of assistants and me were very devoted to the success of this project, the first of its kind in Beirut.
So needless to say, I felt utterly dedicated to this theater, which we called Metropolis Cinema, and went on this expedition to make it a fruitful experience to whoever is visiting it.

So yesterday, before the press conference, I felt that while my boss was meeting all these figures like the French, Belgian and Indian ambassadors as well as a plethora of high-profiled personalities, moviemakers, the press and all, I was doing the lame job.

But after the opening, and during the second screening, I sensed that whatever I did was timeless. All the little things, the problems I tried to solve, the obstacles we faced, the preparations, the invitations, the cocktail, the posters … everything turned well. And that not only relieved me, but enhanced my self-confidence in the achieving of things.

And as this wheatfield that generates nothing but fertility, I felt prowess in only giving my best to achieve the best.

Spica, while waving to the Summer Stars, has granted me a huge amount of wheat seeds. She said I have enough to use them until next Spring, when She will come back and provide me with more.



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