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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Aster: Sedna
Mood: Festive

It's festival time!
It's been a month since I last updated this tiny blog. But it was for a good cause.

After the month-long nonstop working for the fourth edition of Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya, the festival kicked off last Saturday. And ended yesterday.
We had many directors, journalists and guests coming from the Arab World, Europe and even the States.
The 40-film selection (which was shortened because of the war and the festival's tight schedule) is thrilling enough with a World Premiere (Falafel by Michel Kammoun) and many Arab and Lebanese Premieres (including Ghassan Salhab's newest feature Last Man).

But now that the festival is done, the thinking gets started. I am tired enough, mentally and physically. I need a rest. And after that, we'll see what will happen.

Why Sedna? Because for the time being, I need to go, as far as possible, while keeping my feet within the Solar System. So Sedna it is!
And Sedna in the Inuit Sea Goddess. So a virtual aquatic trip to the coldest ends of our Solar System ... *drools*



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