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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Dress Named Pride

Constellation: Pavo (The Peacock)
Mood: Flaccid

What do I want to share. I have no clue. Yet I feel the need to write about something. Somehow related to me yet totally unrelated to what I am doing.
So here are some random thoughts floating, emerging, hoping they'll surface.

Do you see this cosmos box? Call whatever you want. Here's how it is related to me.

Some time ago, I started to feel that I am respected in my labor entourage. The miniature scum dot is turning into a cocoon in the shades of the universe. It took me some time to digest that. Maybe I just need to believe in myself as someone who is becoming vital in the midst of an organization.

I always take pride in what I do, no matter how decimal this work is. Though I never showed self-pride. I always thought that would lead to ego problems. However, that's not the case, for I think I have to acknowledge my own hard work and that has not happened yet, even if the pride is there.

That feels like random rambling. But it's true. In order to have a higher self-esteem, maybe I should start to feel my own value at work in order to reinforce my own self.

The picture represent the Peacock, a southern hemisphere constellation, introduced during the beginning of the 17th century. To me, this bird represents pride, ego. With his eccentric plumage, it tries to fool others. Maybe it has some interesting features under its outfit, yet the first imagine one gets of it is its allure.

And that is the exact opposite of how I feel others perceive me. Generally, I suck when giving first impressions. It takes some time for others to get to know (and perhaps like) me. So maybe I should get a couple of lessons from Mr. Pavo. As for the rest, I'll have to count on myself.



Anonymous Rick said...

It's very hard for someone to evaluate or talk about himself. But Rabih was succesful in given us like an entry about himself. Reading it we can know a lot about this sensitive and great person, wishing him all success in his future. Rick

8:00 PM, October 12, 2006  

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