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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Awakening of the 'Twin'

Satellite: The Moon
Mood: Reconstructing my Psyche
Song: Tears from the Moon * Conjure One Feat. Sinéad O'Connor

First post of the year.
We'll kick off with 'The Moon'

Did you know that there a side of the moon that is always hidden from the Earth? A side that is never seen by us, humans, except from the space.
That side is called the 'far side' of the moon, while the apparent is the near side. While the near side is richer in Maria [31.5%] (Seas in Latin – since these surfaces are relatively plain-like), the far side, photographed for the first time in the late 50's by a Soviet Probe, only has 2.5% of 'maria.' One of these is the main feature, Mare Orientalis.

What has this exploratory moon-trip to do with me?
Well, I believe each of us has two sides, just like the moon. One is clearly visible, the other is hidden from the others, until you want to show it.

Let me put it this way. Many times, the 'far side' is usually the 'waking of the devil' inside you. But that's not the only feature! Maybe it's time for you to unveil something else about you to the others.

I have had a beautiful afternoon yesterday. I was having a nice talk with a very dear person to me when all of a sudden, and without noticing, everything became perfectly clear. Sometimes it takes only a hint for you to discover you inner psyche. And that is painful.

I think I am tired of the nice Rabih, Rabih is wonderful. Rabih does everything. Rabih never says no. Rabih is the sweetest.
I don't want that anymore. It sticks on my skin.
"I want to live. I want to give. I've been a miner for a Heart of Gold" as Neil Young would say.
I don't know why it's tough on me. On my own life. Why am I that sensitive? Why am I always nice to people, I make them enjoy themselves in a time when I do not enjoy my own self?

If I had known, maybe I wouldn't have been asking myself these questions!
Voila. These are my newest thoughts. Maybe I am a burden on myself and I need to change that. Maybe I should see the 'far side' of my being before others see it. Maybe I just need some refreshing breeze.

For now, 'change' is the keyword.



Anonymous manuch said...

Last year I got rid of things, relations and similar I was tired.

I got rid of bad vibes, things and situations I knew wouldn’t take me where I felt I needed to be.

And yes, sometimes one has to do that. Get rid of people ripping of your energy and getting no strength from that.

The dark side, we all has one as you recall. Maybe be dark, but not necessarily bad, jus hidden. I've tried for many years to show how I am, and I can’t be as open as I wish I was, even with the closest people.

I've learn to live with my darkness, is just part of me.

10:41 PM, January 11, 2007  
Blogger roubish said...

Wonderful insight that is Manuch! It's true, sometimes you cannot be as open as you want to be. In my case, I can NEVER be as open as that.

Maybe getting rid of some people and trying new things might help in achieving a better environment for one's psyche, hence for one's self.

As for darkness ... "you're not alone..." - Original Sinsuality!

10:48 PM, January 11, 2007  

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