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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Day They Call "Independence"

Star: Betelgeuse (Orion Constellation)
Mood: Burning

November 22. Lebanon’s Independence Day. Now whether this is true or not, one has to figure. Since the establishment of the Syrian authority on our territory some 20 years ago, the term “independence” vanished from the Lebanese lexicology. Last year, the troupes were ousted from the country. But only the troupes.

The authority is still here. The Lebanese President directly nominated from Syria is still here. The pro-Syrian parties are more flamboyant than ever.
And the assassination of Christian anti-Syrian figures is back.

A year after the assassination of MP and prominent journalist Gebran Tueni, another anti-Syrian figure, the 34-year-old minister of industry, Pierre Gemayel (son of former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel) was shot dead yesterday in the Lebanese capital.

That was the background. And to feel the mood of the Lebanese in this particularly tough time, you have to go the heart of Betelgeuse. This fiery red supergiant star which serves as Orion’s shoulder is 10,000 times more luminous than our own sun.

If the sun were to be replaced by Betelgeuse, the surface of the star might stretch out to Mars’ orbit, which means all the telluric planets would be engulfed by this massive star.

Now why Betelgeuse? She is consuming her energy very fast. And the Lebanese are consuming their aptitude to grasp the events as much fast. One day in a millions years from now, the red star will explode. But will the Lebanese be able to remain stable one more day before bursting out? Will they be able to handle the course of events that are shooting down on them?

The assassination of a former prime minister, many bombs in commercial centers that came afterwards, a handful of assassinations, a fully-fledged war with Israel, and more assassinations now… All that serves the interest of our neighbor, Syria.

What do I have to do with this? Do I still have my own space in this place?
If my heart is as big a Betelgeuse's, I should have ran a thousand years ago.
Instead I believe in something on this land.
But apparently Betelgeuse will fade out before I get to see the stability of my country.



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