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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Deciphering the Word 'Civilized'

Star: Naos (Puppis Constellation)
Mood: Fuming, Angry, Enraged ... you name it
The Waitress [live] * Tori Amos

To team up with this exceptionally HOT day, I chose one of the most exceptionally HOT stars.

With a spectral class of O5Ia, Naos, or Zeta Puppis (the Stern), is a real threat, since it is more than 21,000 times more powerful than the Sun!
This very deep Blue star is indeed a supergiant one, with an absolute magnitude (its actual luminosity) of -6.0, making it one of the brightest of the Milky Way. (It apparent magnitude of 2.21 – how we see it through the naked eye – makes it a second degree star).

So why Naos?
Because as you might have seen on telly, today was one hell of a hot day. Burnt tires on all Lebanese roads meant to block circulation and to prevent people to access their jobs.
This pro-Syrian instigated strike, intended to be peaceful, was the latest in a series of attempts to overthrow the pro-Western Prime Minister Fuad Siniora The much-criticized plan of Siniora is to raise the taxes on the Lebanese in order to gain he support of a doners' conference to rebuild the country after the July War.

But what we ended up having was Naos visiting us on the ground.
More than 150 wounded and three killed.
Burnt tires everywhere. Smoke everywhere. Violent clashes erupting everywhere. Security everywhere.
The closing of all roads leading to the airport and coming from the airport. Which means all flights to and from Beirut have been cancelled.

How peaceful is that?
How CIVILIZED is that?

Late in the night, the protest was called off. None from the pro-Americans nor the pro-Syrians assessed the situation. A failure? A success? If you know then probably we would know.

Naos left us late in the night, leaving a deep wound on all the main roads. What has not been destructed during the July War has been devastated yesterday.

If the country was turned upside down yesterday, then so was everyone's state of mind.
And nothing could have made me feel better than listening to the live version of the Waitress from the album 'To Venus & Back' by Tori Amos.
She becomes hunted in the song to reach a paroxysm with the end, screaming

'I believe in peace, BITCH…'



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where the fuck do u know all these interesting things about stars ?

This is a wonderful article. pro-Syrian and pro-American are a mess in my country. I even think sometimes : why doesn't this happen in USA and Syria ? Why here ?

I guess I don t want to know the answer. I will sit in my cocoon listening to live Calling you by Lara Fabian.

And I hope one star will burn this fire on earth... one day.

11:59 PM, January 27, 2007  
Blogger roubish said...

Yes, if America want to fight Syria or Iran, let it fight Syria IN Syria and Iran IN Iran and leave us the f*ck alone.
Same applies to our so-called national heroes.
This terrain is already BURNT.

12:10 AM, January 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

War... one of the worst inventions of the mankind... two actors confronting each other, and in the middle the innocent people.
But... how innocent can be someone who sit in front of is tv set ignoring how politics go, or how people can be still so stupid...
Our narrowness sometimes pushes us to take part for an argument who let us apart from the conflict...
War goes in our harts, despite ourselves... and this is so sad, cuz hate is wining the hand and we r not doing anything...

8:52 PM, February 04, 2007  
Blogger roubish said...

Dear Jorge, I don't think war is an invention. It's intrinsic of the inner personality. Whether one accepts this fact or not, it has undeniably always been there.

About the part where you said we are not doing anything, actually I guess no one can do anything, apart from Bush and Ahmadinejad. It seems like no one has power over anything anymore except those two …

5:03 PM, February 05, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes we think that the game we play is defined previously our entrance
It´s commoly thought when we talk about politics... we think that it´s external and that we can´t do anything cuz we r unable to play the game cuz there r the politicans and the policy-makers...
I´d love to think (blame me for been a neo-hippie) that hate is the base for the War, that is a social construction, a concept tied to interests and structures taht r beyond ourselves.. but how come that this far away placed structures r not de-constructed from the basis of the people in the middle? How can War exist still despite the mankind that struggles in the middle?

Hope and love r two human values that should be reinforced in order to show the void in the "state reason" argued by politicans, or to show that War isn´t the road...

It´s my last hope resource and it´s critic to the quest for peace coming from the stars cuz maybe the light of a star sometimes shine so strongly but the sunglasess r made to ignore it.. so.. we can try to make something with this excessive light, maybe turn it in smething so different from the goals it was aimed to...
but this must be done, not to be said.. That´s for politicians, we as civil society members r called to be critics and to re-ivent the spaces and means we were given by the State structures and it involves ignore and overcome the violent means that don´t come in our genes, it comes in the rules we r playing as sheeps!!!


5:17 PM, February 05, 2007  
Blogger roubish said...

Dear Jorge, sorry for not replying earlier. I am fully with you on the idea that people always say they cannot do anything to change the course of things, especially in politics.

Though that is erronous, for was it not through the massive Lebanese popular protests, Syria wouldn't have left the country in 2005. But the thing is, did Syria REALLY leave Lebanon? It's just a game. The world is told it was the people that kicked the Syrians out, yet that is only an umbrella.

My point is, people can always DO things to change, though are they really making progress?
Most of the Americans are protesting daily against the war on Iraq. Did the war stop?
Northern Koreans want a different regime. Can they access that?
Arabs live under serious state and religious censorship. Can they change that?

Even in civilized countries, things do not always work out through the people.

I fully encourage initiatives and the right for the people to actually seek a change.
Though how effective that would be ... totally debatable.

4:14 PM, February 14, 2007  

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