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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Like a Comet

Object: The Comets
Mood: Reflective
Song: We'll Meet Again * Johnny Cash

People come in an out of your life every day.
Many of them enter it and leave it faster than they came in.
Some are general acquaintances, which is not the real issue here.

The true concern is about the people whom you've known from quite some time – or you think you've known for quite some time, you've built a bond with, and, for a reason or another (generally unknown), they decide to dash away.
Like a comet.

They leave a fingerprint in you, an unfinished portrait of them, some wonderful memories, but most of all, bitterness and a handful of unanswered questions.
And every single day, they pop like a ray of light into your uncomfortable mind.
Like a comet.

You automatically review all the moments you've had together. The real view, the feelings, the cake you've shared, the laughs under the blue yet cold skies…
And how everything faded away.
Like a comet.

So what's a comet? One might call them "dirty snowballs," formed of particles of ice and dust that sporadically come into the center of the solar system. Most of them reside in the far ends of our system, way beyond Pluto. Millenniums ago, the sight of a comet inducted misfortunes, as it was noted during the middles ages with the arrival of a comet as an equivalent to the arrival of a forthcoming war, or even the plague.

Yet many of these comets have repeated visits to the Sun, that have been calculated over the course of the years. The most famous comet, Halley, was first traced by the Chinese back to at least 240 BC. Comet Halley has an orbital period of 76 years – which means it will be seen by 2061/2 after having been visible in 1901 and 1986).

So with some specific comets coming every now and then, one might think he'll be able to see these dear persons at least one in his lifetime after them being gone.

If not, and with the arrival of a comet after his death, he might have to meet them in one of his post-life reincarnation cycles.

To end this on a positive note, and as the late Johnny Cash says in one of his songs: "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day!"

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