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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ligne 4: Gare de l'Est

Constellation: Pictor (The Painter)
Mood: Stranded
I was in Paris last week.
I can't say I like this city. But I love the public transports there. The metro, the RER, the buses. Everything is organized.
And of course, the food is great. And wine …

But even if Paris is flooded with history and monuments and stuff, I feel something is not clicking for me there. My second trip to the French capital, and yet it's overwhelming for me.
Maybe because most of the things are in place and in Lebanon we don't have that. So in a way you want to be there and yet you are stranded.

Pictor is a Southern constellation. It doesn't have any history behind it, because it was introduced in 1752. It was originally title the trestle of the painter, but was altered in the 19th century, this is why the picture of this constellation shows the trestle and not the shape of a painter.
The link with what I'm talking about? The French painters. So many good ones. Cezanne, Chagall, Gauguin, Seurat …

I know a very nice song which deals with a painting of Seurat, Seated Woman with a Parasol. The song is called Parasol by Tori Amos.

"the Seated Woman with the Parasol
may be the only one you can't Betray
if I'm the Seated Woman with the Parasol
I will be safe in my frame"

It's very interesting how she embodies herself as the woman of Seurat's painting. I love to envisage what someone in a painting (as abstract as he is) might think about, might be (or have been) going through.

So to me this songs works perfection vis-à-vis the painting.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight I asked you a very simple question: "If I say "Paris", what is the first thing you think of?" Your answer was: "you". Talking of your pics, your friend Olii said it was the best of you. Who Took this picture? Me. You entitle your paragraph "Gare de l'Est". Where does that situate? Next to my place. So my final question is: everything in that page of yours talks about me so why in an indirect way, so why isn't there any mention about Tania espèce de monomaniacoselfishégocentrique???

10:08 PM, November 21, 2006  

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