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Monday, January 29, 2007

'I Found Out... at Zero Point'

Satellite: Triton
Mood: Down
Song: Aloysius * Cocteau Twins

Triton. Look at that beauty. It's Neptune's largest satellite. And in the mythology, Triton is Neptune's son. This is a great spot since it has an intricate geological history, lush and varied landscapes and it is actually the coldest place to have been witnessed yet in the solar system.
As you can see, it takes some time to wonder from the darker spots of Triton to its lighter ones. And that's what it takes to walk over a tough week we have lived in Lebanon.

Everything here could have reminded me of the 15-year civil war. The burning tires. The dead. The injured. Snipers (Can you believe it? Snipers?). The scathing attacks from pro-Syrians to pro-Americans and vice versa…


So this setlist is based on how I viewed these days. And how I want to look at my country… Pretty insightful actually.

01. Zero Point (Tori Amos) – from A Piano – the collection [2006]

This is the track I have been listening to most since last December. It is actually everything Tori Amos was not in the last couple of albums, and that's why I love it. This is a mash-up of sounds, which harks back war resonances I have heard back in July, through a staccato of electronic and acoustic drums with some drilling guitars. And Tori's vocals remind you of the alarming situation. The piano intro/outro of this song is like a look on what happened during this week, and a recall of the civil and July wars to me.

02. Recuerdos (Murcof) – from the album Remembranza [2005]

After retailing what actually happened during this week through Zero Point and its bombastic sounds, we enter the deep reflective mood. This is a really gorgeous dark track. Minimalism meets a somber orchestra. Murcof is a pure genius. So this track gets you to think about what happened actually. Why it happened. And will it happen again? At the end, you're not but confused. Though this tracks keeps stirring in your head for a long time.

03. Center of the Sun (Conjure One feat. Poe) – from the album Conjure One [2002]

After the thinking, comes the anger. This is the anti-climatic churn out of the angriness through an immensely breezy song. "When I close my eyes, I am at the center of the sun, and I cannot be hurt, by anything this wicked world has done." Quite the perfect way to erase (temporarily) last week's events from my mind, and elevate myself into another level. Wonderful track.

04. Lay of the Land (Plej) – from the album Electronic Music from the Swedish Leftcoast [2003]

Just when you think everything fell back to order, the chaos and tensions kick in again. This is a track this invokes some haphazard wildness somewhere in a field. I feel myself running from everything and just losing myself in this track, until night comes. A breakthrough in a dark wood where I would be running over and over, only feeling the airstreams invading me.

05. Aloysius (Cocteau Twins) – from the album Treasure [1984]

Which leads us to the complete state of bliss. This is a sublime song that makes me think of Sky Blue and some birds running away. Here are the lyrics of the song. The beauty lies in the fact that there is nothing to understand, but just feel the splendor of the moment through the wraithlike vocals.
Silly silly saliva.Sassy shear near.She should've.She sighed the grove.Ska pop.Sa pum.Sa po.

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Anonymous Gerard said...

Tho i can't unbderstand all the words u say up there. but i'm sure they make an intresting combination.
Way to go man :)

11:14 PM, January 29, 2007  
Anonymous Andromede said...

Sounds delighful I want some!

12:39 AM, January 30, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rabih, you wanted me to relate to this setlist and I cannot:P:P:P

I know only Plej:P:P:P. But I have fallen in love in Plej listening to taht song..... ah.. I cannot believe someone has created soemthing like that!!

But as far as Twins, I have next idea for a compilation for you:-)

Have you heard about my beloved This Mortal Coil:D???
I cannot believe I haven't introduced them to you yet!!!

I ahve loved them almost as long as I know you;)))

Be good and take care, startie;)))))))

11:06 PM, January 30, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you that I am celebrating today my first 5kg off :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!!


11:08 PM, January 30, 2007  
Blogger roubish said...

To wonderful Gérard, thank you. You understand more English than I understand Economics! :)

To wonderful Andromède, a new CD with some surprises is on its way to you!

To wonderful Olenka, too much things to celebrate in Berlin. The A's, the nice times, AND the 5 kilos! Way to go!

12:55 AM, January 31, 2007  
Anonymous Lizbeth said...

Keep up the good work.

3:12 PM, November 11, 2008  

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