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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Place: Oort Cloud
Mood: Away
Song: Cometa * Murcof

In late September, the much-awaited album by Murcof has been finally released. Entitled ‘Cosmos,’ the 6-song EP was everything I could have asked for.

Mexican composer Fernando Corona is the genius behind it. His fourth release after 2002’s critically acclaimed Martes, 2003’s Utopia which combines remixes from his debut album as well as new tracks, and 2005’s Remembranza, a far more complex work which pushes the concept of minimalist electronica even further.

Yet Cosmos is nothing like its predecessors. A broody music – a scenery that emanates from the empty yet complex state of the universe and rings deep inside the complex yet empty state of the human mind.

Before kicking the journey into Cosmos, here’s a tiny description of the Oort Cloud, title of CD’s final track (picture below)
Quote from Wikipedia:

The Oort cloud is a postulated spherical cloud of comets situated about 50,000 AU from the Sun. This is approximately 1000 times the distance from the Sun to Pluto or nearly a light year. The outer extent of the Oort cloud places the boundary of our Solar System at nearly a quarter of the distance to Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to the Sun.

Although no confirmed direct observations of the Oort cloud have been made, astronomers believe it to be the source of all long period and Halley-type comets entering the inner solar system (some short-period comets, based on their orbits, may come from the Kuiper belt).

Track 1 – Cuerpo Celeste
A slow outset.
A recurrent motif.

Soon the the organ.


The motif. The outset. The organ. The outset. The motif. The motif. The motif.


Cuerpo Celeste.
We’re on track to the inner galactic lands of the Cielos – the Skies.

Track 2 – Cielo
The machinery is set.

The pace is lifted. Further. Deeper. Further. Much further.
Piano drops that invigorate the ride.

Pulled away by magnetism towards something. Anything. Whatever. Bounding towards the pace.

A stop.
Can I look?

But the pace heads off.
Further. Deeper. Further. Even much further.

We’re away.
In the Cosmos.

Track 3 – Cosmos I
Waking Up.
Lights bleached.
Lights fainted.

Lights gathering.

A silent Light storm
Propelling Machinery into a Cyclone of Stars.

The Cyclone fuels its turbulence.
It gears its escalating prohibitions.

Machinery emanates from within yet is trampled upon.

It tries again to get out of the multiple Tentacle.
Cyclone is feasting on its own land.

Machinery escapes.


Another dim light in the far end. Cometa.

Track 4 – Cometa
The light approaches.


Machinery is transfixed in time and space as Cometa heads near.

A Halo of sorts.
Sounds. Lights. Colors. Materials.
All tickle Machinery.
And showcases its Monstrous Tail forward.

The dim light collects it ‘Impressive’ trademark and crashes away into other destinations.
Into the subterranean core of the ‘Cosmos’ Track 5 – Cosmos II
Machinery awakes from the mess.
A clutter of elements that blinders.

A throng of claret points emerges in several spots.
Endeavoring to ingest.

Into the deep,
The burgundy,
The dark red,
The dismal red.
The hollow red.

Pure Red.

Is it Lifeless? Am I Lifeless? Is it Full of Life?
Am I ingesting?

Sudden Nebula Silk.
I see.

Track 6 – Oort
Machinery dashes.
A scenery of perfectly disparate colors melting.
The first thunderous carillon.
The disparate colors still dissolving.

The second thunderous carillon.
And colors in the background.
Suspended into each other unnoticing.

The third carillon.
The colors gasp a last breath.
A final one.

The fatal carillon.
Fading breaths
Dying breaths.

Yet marching.

The end of the nightmare is the beginning of the nightmare.
The closest to Home.

Am I really heading

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