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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Walk to Neptune in 5 songs

Planet: Neptune
Mood: blissful

My favorite place ever. When I feel down, I take my solar cab to the Blue Planet. There is a mystery around it that shapes me in an unreserved way.
To me Neptune is feminine. Though in the roman mythology, Neptune is the Sea God. This is why He gave His name to the striking blue Neptune. So I’ll call it a She.
She wraps you and rolls you and then you fall into Her indigo firmaments immaculately, your eyes closed, feeling every second of the moment.
The sensation is indescribable.

But through the descent, and while laying on the azurite layers of Neptune, the music kicks in.
Four tracks make me dive to this sub-zero Terra. All four are favorites of mine. Yet I feel there is a bond which is tying them, the Neptune numinous arpeggio. Actually five if you count the first one, preliminary vision of what you will enclose on the Blue Planet, and the last one which leaves you longing to return to it.

01. Calling All Stations (Genesis) – from the album Calling All Stations [1997]
“Calling all stations
Can Anybody tell me
Tell me exactly where I am”

While still in the cab, you’re lost in the Solar System. Yet you get a sense of the cosmos tread through the starlight glimpses. And then as you try to find Her, you go through all sorts of galactic elements before She stands majestically in front of you.

02. World in My Eyes (Depeche Mode) – from the album Violator [1989]
“All the islands in the ocean
All the heavens in the motion
Let Me show you the world in my eyes”
This song has a feel of adventurous yet mystical quest. It kicks the wonderful journey on the Neptunian surface. Through the eyes and the beat, you end up unveiling a whole new world. You discover the azurite surfaces of Neptune. You feel you want to grab Her and tackle every possible inch of Her shell. That's when you know youou are already into Her.

03. Spring Haze (Tori Amos) – from the album To Venus & Back [1999]
“Billowing out to somewhere
Billowing out Luna Riviera”

Here you dive into the soft waves of Neptune. But then, as you pierce into them, the sapphire ocean sees its color change into indigo then navy dark blue. The seemingly calm into tumultuous. The band ferociously kicks in and you find yourself trapped and violently pushed down. Deliciously.

04. Plainsong (The Cure) – from the album Disintegration [1989]
“Sometimes you make me feel
Like I am living at the edge of the World”
That’s when you reach the unwavering (or at least what you think is stable). You land onto a soft oceanic verge only to discover how pure rapture really is like. Floating is the term to be used here. Pure Bliss that has to be devoured before it’s time to leave.

05. Unison (Murcof) – from the album Martes [2002]
Leaving. You tickle the unruffled water one last time before you are on your way home. Then you start to feel the wind coming to take you. It’s quite a time before it becomes consistent and the tornado storms your body away from Neptune, while the sound and the sight of the water are still in you. Neptune eagerly awaits your comeback.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm... these are all majestic descriptions... so so very beautiful, Rabih:)...

I am slowly coming back to my daily Polish life, which is unexpectedly easy... I am thinking of some new trips... though my Alaska trip was poor of new places and exciments, that I used to have every time... I guess I sacrifice too much... hmmm... I so wish to have a great adventure trip to the mountains... just under the tent... a lot of rain banging on the tent... I LOVE RAIN!!! And Especially in the Autumn... ahhhh...

I've been listening to Murcof right now... I had never heard about this band before and it intrigued me, so I am listetning to some free samples now:P. Have you heard "Rostro" from Remembranza... How I love that kind of moods!... this song exactly reflects my mood now... oh yes... such nostalgic... longing mood... just very very sad...

If you have more music from them, remember to share with Olii, oki:)?

Olii in a nostalgic mood...

8:49 PM, November 08, 2006  

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