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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Turbulent Like a Tornado

Object: Jupiter's Great Red Spot (GRS)
Mood: Busy

Going to Tunisia for a seminar tomorrow. My first trip to this Arab country.
It's a seminar on how to manage Art House Cinemas.
And since we opened Metropolis this July right before the war, we were invited to go to this Euromed-organized 'workshop' for professionals in the field (distributors, owners of art house theaters or ciné-clubs…).
So all in all a supposedly interesting (and enriching) experience.

Now. The backstab is, I don't have the experience that most of the participants have, but I am still excited. So I am in no way a professional. Maybe because I am very young, that will give me a push to thrive for more learning, and prove something, not to the others, but just to myself.
10 days of pure discovery of new topics, new persons, new films and various workshops.

I chose for this the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. This three-Earths-size "anti-cyclonic storms" has been observed on the massive planet since the arrival of the telescopes.
Why I picked this element?
Because my life feels like a gigantic whirlwind in which I can't get out of. Feels like I am grasping much of the tornado yet I can't get out of it, even if I wanted to, and pressured myself for that.
And I am always seeking uncharted territories, so that makes me feel like a traveler within my own space.

The Great Red Spot is always in a turbulent activity, just like my own self, especially my state of mind. I will only stop thinking so much when this GRS will once fade away from Jupiter's gaseous atmosphere.

(Pictures of Metropolis Art Cinema, its logo, and Jupiter's GRS)



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